When you start to fall in love with ocean, you can’t help but want to save the ocean.

This is where the magic happens.

When we started our journey, it was with a social business in mind: We wanted to create a profitable social and lifestyle business aimed at women who share a love of the blue and who are, or are keen to become water-active with a focus on health and spirit, and most importantly, our oceans. As time progressed we realised that as 2 women, with our amazing responsibilities as wife, mother, business owner, etc. it was becoming challenging adding another ‘role’ of building an incredible global business with women, for women, to our repertoire - but this did not quench our salty thirst to make a difference. So instead of starting with a big bang, we’re starting with baby steps - ourselves. Our families. Next, our friends. And gradually through this process we hope to build a global community of women - a group of Betty’s who want to change the world, and embrace their own selves through the love of enjoying the ocean.

What is a Betty?

A betty epitomises a modern day queen, commonly associated with increased levels of self-worth (because she continues to create it). She is irresistibly sexy and feminine. She does not succumb to the man’s world! She is educated, deep, witty, simple and young-hearted. Age is only a number! She is naturally beautiful, honest, brave, loyal and nurturing. She is the whole package - balanced, quirky, open-minded, complex and flawed. She can be raw with her words and gentle with her touch. She is soulful, connected and driven. A modern-day triple-threat, go-getter.

She is an entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend. She is a Blue Betty!

Meet the Betty’s

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Danielle Bolton

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Jade Harding


Jennifer Coffin-Grey


Blue Betty socials is about starting your water active lifestyle and eco-journey in the right direction. Meet like minded women, share stories and tips on how to #justbegin.

If you are interested in joining us at our next Blue Betty Social in your area, please email connect@bluebettylife.com