Blue Betty Making Waves

On your journey to self-love and falling in-love with the ocean, we encourage ways for you to #justbegin with small changes in your daily habits that will ultimately save the ocean. Join us for our next Blue Betty Making Waves, we host workshops in conjunction with earth-friendly, creative and inspiring eco-women/brands/stores/companies. At our Blue Betty Eco-Workshops you can expect to be eco-educated, shared eco-journeys, inspired, taught how to “home-remedy” and DIY, and even create your own home-based beauty and cleaning products. Join our fun-filled workshops where we encourage a lifestyle with zero waste, and a more natural way of looking after ourselves, paraben free :)

Join Blue betty for the next eco-workshop in your area. Rates are dependent on the event, follow our facebook to see more.

For more info on when the next eco-workshop will be happening, Contact us


Blue Betty socials is about starting your eco-journey in the right direction. Meet like minded women, share stories and tips on how to #justbegin.

If you are interested in joining us at our next Blue Betty Social in your area, please email