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Team Building

Team building is about working together, understanding each other’s motivations and finding common ground. Most importantly it is about having fun but what if you could make a difference at the same time? Educate your teams to #justbegin their single use plastic journey. Whether an intimate team of a few or as big as 10, we create a positive experience for your brand.



In a single event, it is usually supported with beautifully and sustainably packaged food, coffee and a gift experience. This takes place as a once off or as a regular, weekly event. Experience has shown that when you combine your own team members with that of your client, out of the office doing something new and exciting, this creates a unique relationship building experience.

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Blue Betty has a range of eco-suppliers and can curate bespoke offerings for events or year-end gifts. A minimum order is required due to the intricate and detailed nature of the process



Our Blue Bettys range from 20 year old students to 70 years old wealthy, retirees. If you are interested in our Blue Bettys being part of your research efforts, please get in touch. We can work together on creating the ideal sample for product reviews, product feedback or questionnaires.


If you are looking to invest in activities that assist in supporting a healthy marine eco-system, we can certainly support in organising events/initiatives, provide oversight or perform as the acting agents to execute co-created plans. Think beach clean-ups, exhibitions, educational talks and water-activities!



Women make most of the household decisions and by targeting content around sustainability and ocean-mindedness, in a practical and easy way, we can encourage positive earth-friendly behaviour. As corporates and communities – we can work together to make many small changes effecting a massive movement, for good. Let us create your campaigns, content for newsletters or quarterly communications– The Blue Betty’s are your gals.



We work with girl-schools in helping educate and getting their young ladies water-active. We have a formula which seems to work well and creates an educational and experiential time which makes a lasting impact. This too can be supported by an educational gift – encouraging different buying patterns. Start them young we say!!

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Let’s meet over a good cuppa coffee. Email us:

“ Blue Betty promotes sustainable practices and protection of the environment. This community of strong women encourages and empowers one another in a positive way that benefits our earth, while being ‘real’ about the challenges we face. I love the fact that health and well being, are an integral part of the Blue Betty Movement! ”

Jami Kriel

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