Surfer’s Zinc Stick


Surfers Zinc

“It didn’t meet her needs of preventing sun burn.”

In December Danielle was on a mission to find a reef friendly zinc sunscreen product for her son. He tends to burn badly right underneath his eyes as he’s a consistent eye wiper when swimming.

She came across the Rip Curl SPF 50+ The Surfer’s Zinc Stick and was elated. It comes in a handy 12g NET stick and is very easy to apply. It was also a tan colour for those of you not wanting to look like a glow worm at the beach – which for us,  was a big win. After using the stick a few times on her son and being very diligent with the application and re-application she realised it didn’t meet her needs of preventing sun burn badly under his eyes. In all fairness, the product isn’t made for that intention – it is a Surfer’s Zinc Stick. Big folk know not to wipe off the very stuff that is trying to prevent you from burning.

But for any moms out there, you’ll identify when she say’s  “I’ll try anything for my kids”. Apart from not seeing recycling information on the plastic packaging or if the packing itself is recycled, on the whole, it’s a product that applies well, looks good and is friendly to the ocean.