Cooked With Love

We heard about Cooked with Love from fellow Blue Betty, Paula. Paula attended an event and received a brochure, which she shared with us. As busy people, we love the idea of nutritious and convenient food, but what really stood out for us was that these meals were delivered daily, in GLASS.  

That’s right. Convenience food without single use packaging. At all. We had to try this!

We reached out to Monique and asked for 1 meal to sample for our product review, and what is clear about Cooked with Love is the sense of generosity – Jade and Danielle both received 1 weeks’ worth of lunch meals, each.  

They didn’t make it too easy and asked for Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free which were easily accommodated. The food was delivered daily, exactly at the time specified and exactly to requirements (no having to call back and wonder why there was feta in the Dairy-Free meal).  

Overall, this was such a positive experience for the Blue Betty’s. The meals were clearly balanced, nutritious, varied and had flavour. There was a meal or two where Danielle felt the flavour could have been pushed a little more with either more spice or herbs, but understandably when you are catering to a broader audience these flavour profiles need to be more accommodating.  

We’ve already given Monique some eco tips which have already taken on board regarding the meal delivery and she was so open to receive any feedback on all aspects of her service it was such a great all-round experience.  

We’d definitely recommend Cooked With Love – Healthy convenience that is not only good for you, but good for the oceans too.

What’s not to (Cooked with) Love?