Instagram Poll – Your take on organic beauty 

Natural Doesn’t Mean a lot when it comes to cosmetics  


It’s confession Time. Natural doesn’t mean a lot when it comes to cosmetics. We asked our Blue Betty Instagram page if they would be interested in talking about Organic Beauty Products, and the media responded with “100%, Yes Please Girl”.  



Since joining Blue Betty, I have become a more critical eco-conscience consumer and I regulate all products that I purchase. If I can’t read the intensely long word on the label, I leave it.  

So, let’s talk organic beauty. After doing research into our big branded beauty products, I was shocked to have learned just how unhealthy, these products that we put on our skin every day, actually are.  There is a huge lack of chemical regulation in personal care products. There are many unsafe chemicals found in most of our trended skin care, soaps and make-up brands. More shocking, so called “natural” products can contain just as much harmful ingredients as the big brands, and we cannot see this because these ingredients are not listed on the packaging. Some ingredients are considered ‘trade secrets’ and do not have to be disclosed. Feeling cheated right?  


After this information, I grabbed a hold of my loving brands, read their ingredients and visited their websites. Much to the research, I had a medium to large, self-dispute with my lack of beauty-care knowledge.  Feeling confused if I was the only one who didn’t know what they were really putting on their face, we shared our thoughts to Instagram. We gained lots of attention and proceeded to ask our followers for their suggestions on organic make-up brands, safe skin care products, healthy hair products and if they knew anything more about #cleanbeauty.   


The feedback was tremendous! Women from all over the globe participated in our poll and told us what products they use. Many women suggested a brand called Hey Gorgeous. The cutest little website ever, this brand only uses sustainably sourced, naturally harvested botanical ingredients.

“We choose certified organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and always from leading suppliers. We never include additives, harmful synthetics, mineral oil, sulphates, fillers or any other nasties in our products, just pure goodness for your skin, that doesn’t cost the earth.”  - Hey Gorgeous

I absolutely love that they consider the earth and you can return your empty jars where they will be recycled. Hey Gorgeous will even donate R1 to a non-profit organisation towards Education Environment and Employment. Talk about giving back!  


Many other women also suggested a brand Oribi Organics. This brand is a family-run business that hand-make all their products.

“Born out of a passion to provide natural, organic skincare products for healthy skin & body since commercial brands often contain cheap petrochemicals,  toxic additives & preservatives which can irritate the skin, disrupt hormones and be potentially carcinogenic.” - Orbi Organics

Oribi Organic packaging is delightful and minimalistic, they believe in recycling their packaging and reducing their carbon footprint. Amazing reviews on their site. Yay for natural organic goodness.   


Based on hair products, many women suggested a brand, Davines. 

“The formulations favour the use of ingredients of natural origin, are generated with renewable electric energy and packaged minimising the environmental impact, inspired by the ideal of Sustainable Beauty as an inseparable unity between Beauty and Good.”  - Davines


It brings me peace of mind to know that there are brands out there that truly believe in the goodness of organic health. However, there are still some women, that feel it’s not truly organic unless you made it yourself. It’s so pure you can eat it. I personally waver more to this side. Many women from the Instagram Poll suggested DIY home-remedies for facial, body and hair washes/creams/serum that you can make at home, made with natural ingredients from your garden and kitchen.   


There are many DIY recipes you can research online. Ladies have suggested making your own face cream with fractionated coconut oil and using essential oils such as frankincense and geranium. You can also make your own night cream by blending raw shea butter and frankincense essential oil drops. If you are brave enough, you can even make your own hair growth shampoo with fermented rice water and rosemary. The DIY method is not only 100% organic, it’s more affordable. It does require time, skill, preparation and basic access to natural ingredients.   


Whatever you chose when it comes to organic beauty, remember to do your research, the label doesn’t always disclose all the ingredients. Before you purchase, think about yourself and the earth, does this product have recycled packaging? It is paraben free? Is it cruelty free? Is it organic enough to consume it? Can I understand this un-pronounceable chemical? Is it really thinking about the goodness of my health?  

 Think earth, think organic.  


DIY freak, Jennifer C.Grey  

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