Personal Change

'“Let us gently lift our priorities back to their intended spot.”


We’re all familiar with the flurry of reflection and visioning, new resolutions and ending of old habits come each December and the start of every January. For some, it’s an incredible time of year where they feel that they get to wipe the slate clean and truly begin again. For others, it’s a time to look at those who are furiously dusting their slates and chuckle, because it’s a start to a new year and nothing more.

I started the year amidst a lot of personal change and definitely had some things that occupied space in my mind imploring me to create change.  The truth is – it really doesn’t matter what your stance is, whether you’re a New Year, New You or It’s Just Another Year kinda Betty, I think what is really important is having goals. A sense of purpose.

Goals come in many shapes and forms. Doing your first triathlon, to having 10minutes of your day, just for you – they’re all goals. But I find, that there are so many things competing for mind space, physical effort and time, that in between the roles that I play in my life, I allow my goals, my priorities, to be reprioritised. By life. So, as we enter our fourth month of the year, and get well and truly into Autumn, let us gently lift our priorities back to their intended spot and do our best to honour our goals – at least for the next three months. Let’s do it with the same vigour as we do on the 31 December.

So if you committed to trying something new, if you wanted to learn how to crochet (or surf?) don’t stop fighting for yourself. Keep putting yourself at the top of your to-do list! Let’s approach this next season with our goals exactly where we want them to be, and make ourselves a priority in our own lives.

See you in the water

 Contributor side note: A dear friend once told me, the moment you allow something to shift down the list of what’s important – you aren’t making it a priority. I told my friend earnestly that I had wanted to shed some more kilo’s last year but was struggling to put in the effort (time, so many responsibilities blah blah blah), she gently reminded me that by not committing to this, my health was not a priority. Well aint that a shocker! My health, not a priority? That really created a mindset change…and I constantly have this little voice in my head…Are you a priority or not?