The Attenborough effect

As many of you know, we’ve got a girl crush on Sylvia Earl. Probably the most formidable and esteemed eco-mermaid in the world. But, it wouldn’t be fair to favour only one sex in this instance would it? It is here and now that we give thanks to Sir David Attenborough. For us oldies, you may recall when we used to watch him, or rather listen to his unique voice, during the National Geographic programmes on a Sunday afternoon. It’s clear why he has been coined nature’s best storyteller of all time.  

A new report by Global Web Index shows that 53% of people surveyed in the US and UK reduced their single-use plastic over the last 12 months. The authors attribute the steep decline to the “Attenborough effect”. Most publicly, he has advocated through Blue Planet II and the most recently Our Planet, currently airing on Netflix. As always, not only worth watching, but worth talking about.