Planning a Baby Shower?

Kerry, one of our longest Blue Betty community members, recently held a baby shower for fellow Blue Betty, Giya, and wanted to do something that was more sustainable than a traditional baby shower. It is incredible how much more personal and creative our ideas become when we pause to think about how we can do things differently.  

Have a look at Kerry’s tips below. 

  • For decorations, make bunting in the same colours as the nursery so that mom can use them as part of the room décor (also to be used at future birthday party celebrations). 

  • Cloth nappy teddy bears are always a big hit. They can be used for decorating the gift table, and double up as burping cloths afterwards – or even better, nappies! 

  • Wooden toys as gifts are more durable, sustainable and can be kept for future siblings, or even passed down a generation. Kerry bought toys from the Golden Hours market as she likes to support small craft businesses. The love and passion put into these toys can’t be compared to mass production.  

  • Another décor item which can be turned into an activity is to string a washing line in the space and hang a few baby clothes in the colour of the theme. Then as the gifts are unwrapped, hang them up for all to see.  

  • Wrap the gifts in towelling nappies/receiving blankets – anything large enough. This eliminates the need for wrapping paper .

Thanks for sharing with us Kerry!