Mae Coconut Yoghurt

Blue Betty Head Office was so excited to get their hands on a jar of Mae’s coconut yoghurt. The minute we saw a post on a community group that the yoghurt was available, we rushed over to collect a sample. Jamie, co-founder of Mae, provided a run-down of how the yoghurt came about and how he and his team had been testing ingredients and mixes for over a year in Tofo, Mozambique.

There are two variants of the coconut yoghurt that I wasn’t aware of and after trying them out, I would recommend they are used for different purposes.  

Calm & Creamy 

This was a mouthful of creamy, coconut deliciousness. I was expecting a strong coconut taste, but the batch had a mild coconut flavour which I loved because I could eat a good-sized helping with muesli and fruit and not feel sick from the richness of it all.  Jen, our designer, made herself an apple pie with a dollop of yoghurt and it was a perfect balance of flavours. I do believe this variant would bode well for adding to savory dishes, butter chicken curry comes to mind here.  

Traditional and Tart 

Much thicker in texture, the traditional variant says it like it is, tart. Not my first choice between the two variants but due to its stronger flavor and thicker consistency, I used a few dollops as a base to a peanut butter and banana smoothie. Wow, I think I found it’s place in my fridge. I would look to this product as a thickener or coconut base to dishes or smoothies. 

The yoghurt is a tad more pricey than other brands but we are sure to see this price reduce with the new packaging ideas and biodegradable tags that the team are working on. Coming soon!

If you would like to get your hands on some Mae Coconut Yoghurt, you can what Jamie on 082 656 3248. Unfortunately the yoghurt is still only available in Durban but the gents are making a plan to start expanding.

Review by Jade Harding, Blue Betty