DIY Teeth Whitening


Do It Yourself

“I gave it a bash and was surprised by the positive result.”


I’d like to think this product review is in the spirit of ‘Reduce’, but in all honesty it didn’t begin that way. It was in the spirit of, ‘Wow that is expensive’ and ‘I don’t think I want all those chemicals in my mouth’.

So after turning to Google to unearth the myriad of options available, the Bicarb/Salt combo seemed to be the most popular and quite a gentle approach. I couldn’t believe that there were so many options, and so easy to prepare and use.

I gave it a bash and was surprised by the positive result. The recipe I used was a 2:1 ratio and while we’d prefer you to do your own research on the best natural teeth whitener for you and what all the implications are – what this process taught me yet again, is that there is almost always (if not always) a more natural method to address the needs that we have. Being conscious about what we do to and put into our body is about changing our automated responses, and as a fellow Blue Betty reminded me recently – Question everything!!