Blue Betty, Women Inspired

We are a community of everyday women who, in their own way want to drive change, to respect our oceans, through the choices we make for ourselves and on behalf of our families. This is where we encourage a water-active lifestyle (or if land locked, an appreciation for the role the oceans play); where we learn from each other; acknowledge our insecurities but strive to work through them – and we do this through creating and curating content that is honest, experiential and relevant to our young-hearted women in water with a diligent and unrelenting effort. In our community, we want to share the joy of self-love and femininity with an unapologetic focus on and appreciation for our complex and flawed selves.

Book a Blue Betty social, Making Waves event, weekend retreat or grab a coffee with a fellow Blue Betty by joining our community.


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Sup, Surf or Boogie Board

Blue Betty encourages ladies to try something new and to have fun doing it. Learn to surf, bodyboard or stand up paddle board in a safe and fun environment that will leave you coming back for more.


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Local and International

Need a little me time? We all do! Gift yourself a local or international retreat with Blue Betty. Learn to surf, re-energise with yoga, explore new cities and make it a trip to remember - Blue Betty style.


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#justbegin Workshops

On your journey to self-love and falling in love with the ocean, we encourge ways for you to #justbegin with small changes in your daily habits that will ultimately save the ocean. Join us for an eco-workshop.


“Blue Betty promotes sustainable practices and protection of the environment. This community of strong women encourages and empowers one another in a positive way that benefits our earth, while being “real” about the challenges we face. I love the fact that health and well being, are an integral part of the Blue Betty movement!”